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Mitteilungen und Presseveröffentlichungen der nepalesischen Maoisten und von Prachandra im Originaltext::
Pressemitteilung vom 1.2.2005 Prachandra Quelle http://www.cmaq.net/fr/node.php?id=19815
Pressemitteilung vom 4.2.2005 Prachandra Quelle http://www.cmaq.net/fr/node.php?id=19815


Aufruf zur Demonstartion in Berlin am 13.2.2006 
Auch wenn dies sicher keine offizielle Verlautbarung ist so entspricht sie in Wortwahl und Aussagen in meinen Augen dne Aussagen der nepalesischen Maoisten. Wie schon immer betont sehen sie den Kampf in Nepal als den Ausgangspunkt einer viel umfassenderen Revolution siehe das originale Worddokument wie es mir zugesandt worden ist.

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Central Committee

Press Release 4.2.2005

A brutal stupidity of plunging the country and the people in to darkness and terrorism is being exhibited by fratricidal artificial king Gyanendra Shahi, as the final writhing of the feudal autocracy. There is no alternative before the great Nepalese people who are fighting for Democratic Republic of Nepal by standing on the achievements of the historical movement of 1990, except to overthrow the feudal autocracy through its root. On this crucial turning point of decisive battle between autocracy and republic, it is a historical necessity for the all the pro-people political forces, civil society, intellectual community and all the level and sphere of people to advance united on this direction. With full responsibility and keeping to this historic necessity, our party has already called for the united front against the feudal autocracy. In order to make the broad united front effective, our Party appeals through this statement to the entire parliamentarian Parties to form united fronts both in the central and local level and advance the movement ahead. Our party heartily appeals to all those pro-people's forces through this statement, to come forward to forge the united front both in the local and central level, as wherever and whatever becomes possible. Committed to the kin interest of the country and people, our Party humbly appeals to all pro-people forces, to come forward by all means by forging united front above and button wherever and whatever is possible, by casting away their mutual misunderstandings, to create storms of movement against autocracy. We would also like to clarify to all those concerned that we are utterly ready for necessary sacrifice and flexibility from our side for this purpose.

We heartily thank to all the masses of people for supporting to making the three days countrywide general strike (Nepal Bandha) from 2nd-4th February successful, called by our Party as an initial remarks against the retrogressive coup by Gyanendra. By condemning the Nazi style repression of the Royal Army terrorist over students in Pokhara through imposing autocracy over communication and independent publications, our party strongly appeals to all students, teachers, professors and guardians to come out to a powerful resistance. It is historical necessity to perceive that a strong resistance is the only foundation of people's protection.

In this very context, our Party challenges to Gyanendra Shahi to withdraw his retrogressive steps immediately. If he fails to withdraw his autocratic steps, our Party will be compelled to come out for countrywide blockade and traffic strike for uncertain time, from the historic day of the 10th anniversary of Great People's War, 13 February. Our party heartily appeals to all the political forces, civil society, intellectual community, journalists and all the level and sections of people to store daily most necessary consumption stuffs and support our movement by all the to make it successful. 21st century will be the people's century and it is sure that feudal autocracy will be defeated.

4th February 2005

Chairman -Central
Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Statement of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) issued on 1 February 2005 in response to the King's dismissal of government

Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Central committee

The coterie of fratricidal, genocidal, corrupted and National betrayer Gyanendra Shahi, who staged an infamous Narayanahi Massacre under a deliberate design of imposing medieval feudal autocracy against the great Nepalese people of the twenty first century advancing for full democracy i.e. republican system, has finally exposed its ugly face before the masses. Gyanendra Shahi, through his so-called royal proclamation at 10 O’clock this morning, is not only meagerly exercising to slander the entire parliamentarian political parties and civil society, but also is exhibiting feudal fascist brutality of blood-bathe against the country and the masses. To talk of nationalism, democracy, patriotism and sovereignty by the one, who is most infamous feudal clique in corruption, smuggling, killings and terror, cannot be anything other than a surprising show against Nepal and the Nepalese people.

The great Nepalese people will never bow down before the threat of history’s ‘ghosts’ that dream of feudal autocracy in the support of foreign imperialism and expansionism. Replying by tit for tat, the day of building People’s New Nepal by throwing the feudal autocracy, responsible for the grievous situation of the country and people, into the garbage of history, has already come. It is beyond a doubt that the Nepalese masses that have shown their identity through the mass struggle of 1990 and 9 years’ of people’s war are capable to fulfill their historic task of establishing republic. Our party, as a leadership of the great People’s War waged for a radical transformation of the Nepalese people, utterly denounces the so-called proclamation of Gyanendra Shahi. Our party pledges to fight till last for the emancipation of the country and people and complete overthrow of feudal autocracy. Our party forcefully appeals the entire political parties of the country, intellectual masses, civil society and the masses of different levels and sects to create a storm of countrywide rebellion unitedly under a minimum common slogan of people’s democratic republic and constituent assembly against this last lunacy of the feudal clique that has lost its necessity and credibility in the history. We also would like to clarify, in this juncture, the fact that our party is prepared to go ahead by establishing co-work and a broad front with all that are against feudal autocracy.

The flame of the People’s War will go on blazing till the so-called Royal Army that has been defeated in all the fronts with the great People’s Liberation Army, under the leadership of our Party, is dissolved and the arms are surrendered to the People’s Liberation Army. We especially appeal the entire jawans and officers working under the so-called Royal Army to defy the so-called royal proclamation, which has come in the gesture of foreign reaction against the country and people, revolt from there and implicate unitedly with the People’s Liberation Army in the great task of protecting own parents, brothers and sisters. Not the feudal clique of Gyanendra Shahi but the great Nepalese people will safeguard Nepalese independence and sovereignty, and geographical integrity.

As an immediate opposition to today’s so-called royal proclamation, which is trying to push the Nepalese society of 21st century back to the 15th, our party heartily appeals all the political forces and broad masses to shutdown Nepal from February 2, tomorrow, to 4. We also would like to clarify from this statement that by discussing with pro-people forces in the days to come the resistance will be heightened more strongly. Also, we heartily call upon the entire pro-people forces of the world to raise voice against this autocratic step and in the favor of Nepalese people’s democratic movement.

Feb 1, 2005



Central Committee C. P. N. (Maoist)