Tilicho Pan 14 x 700 mit Schrift Kopie


Tilicho Lake with himalaya range, Roc noir and grande Barierre, this picture was taken from the trail leding to the tilicho tourist la pass west of tilicho lake

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Tilicho 99-26 XXL grnad Barierre and roc noir x400 roc noir with grande Barierre

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Tilicho 99-27 XXL grande Barierre and roc noir x400 Roc nor with grande barriere

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Tilicho and Tarke kang Google earth viewed from  ABC-x0800

When I looked a the many maps about Annapurna region, i realized that there are two peaks on the rigde which are called gacier dome or tarke kang. So people will also name pictures according to there map. On the germen Schneider map, whoch is normaly the most relieabel Tarke kang ist the little peak on the rigde which ist in direct line on a secondary ridge coming up from Annapurna Base camp with Tent peak -Fluted peak(singu chuli) - Tarke Kang. When I searched in the inte4rnet, I found also some climbing report, saying they treid to climb take kang direktly from Fluted peak. as on bothe the sides of the ridges one can find spectacular mountains like gangapurna and roc noir i did not take a picture just of ridge.

Therefore I believe, that tarke kangis realy the first little ridgpeak east of roc noir (Khangsar kang) . Also the french climber used a map with this denomination. For your convienience I made a picture in google earth which is an eagle view from high above Annapurna south .

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Tilicho Pan 15 x 0800 mit Schrift

A view from Tilicho base camp lodge. On can see well the annapurna ridge behind Roc noir.



Tilicho Pan 16 x 0800

i think this pictures should show right of the middgle tarke kang. in the middled of the picture ist the area where the french climber descend according to her webside and where you Husband was last seen. Thsi picture was taken just befor tilicho lake direktion south east.

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Tilicho Pan 17 x 0800

Left probables Tarke Kang roc noir with annapurna ridge and grande barriere . Picture taken on the way from tilicho base camp lodge to tilicho lake

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Tilicho 99-28 XXL ridge between Gangapurna  and roc noir x600

The ridge between Gangapurna and Roc noir

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Tilicho Pan 18 x 800

Just a picture from Tilicho lake in Dezember with the first ice coming