Guide santaman

Santaman is a guide and recommendet by Daniel Ionita, who wrote the text on top of this page

I have employed Santaman as a guide for three of my four trips to Nepal. I found him to be excellent professionally as well as a great person to be with on an adventure holiday. Santaman is 100% reliable, very knowledgeable and skillful as a guide, a very good communicator and an intuitive listener. I have witnessed him making decisions under pressure (my 10 year old son got an acute case of Altitude Sickness on one of our treks in the Everest Region), and found him to be a good and quick thinker and a very good decision maker. He will trying everything to accommodate your needs and wants during the trek, but will be quite assertive and firm if there is a situation where safety is an issue. He seem to have a pool of very good porters that he works with, and treats them well. Santaman is 28 years old, is married and has two daughters, aged 7 and 5 years. He is studying sociology part time at Tribhuvan University, as well as going to his village during the monsoon months to help his parents with the farming. He is an excellent guy, and I have no hesitation to recommend him

Contact him at santamn@hotmail.com