Mitteilung von Prachandra 27.8.03


Kathmandu den 27.08.2003

Nach 7 Monaten haben die Maoisten die Waffenruhe aufgekündigt. Näheres im englischsprachigen Artikel von nepalnews.com.np

Ceasefire off: Prachanda

Maoist rebels have unilaterally and "temporarily" pulled out from the seven-month old ceasefire starting Wednesday, with issuance of a statement in the name of Maoist chief Prachanda. He said, "The rationale for ceasefire, code of conduct and talks process is now over for the time being."

In a statement posted on the Maoists' website on Wednesday afternoon (August 27, 2003), Prachanda has blamed the government for provoking them to announce the ceasefire break.

"We decided to sit for talks giving supreme priority to people's will to find a peaceful political outlet," Prachanda said in the statement.

"While making the ceasefire announcement, we took it seriously hoping the old regime will also be serious. But the royal army of old regime started to violate the code of conduct from the very beginning of the announcement despite the fact that our people's salvation army was totally devoted to the ceasefire."

"The royal army not only unnecessarily increased arrest and checking incidents but also continued to seize our people's army and to murder non-armed cadres brutally. Such acts were severe blows to our party and people's expectation and enthusiasm for a peaceful political outlet."

"Despite these facts, our party feeling the optimum responsibility towards nation and people, did not let the talks atmosphere spoil. Finally the first round of formal talks began and our party presented a minimum political agenda."

"In second round of talks, we agreed to limit royal army within five kilometres. But the royal army not only rejected the agreement but the government also changed with their pressure. With this, the talks process itself became orphan and questions arose over the possibility of a peaceful political outlet."

"After a long gap, through exchange of letters with the new talks team of the old regime and with their commitments to keep the royal army in discipline and as they released some of our central leaders, the party directed its talks team to sit for the third round of peace talks."

"The political agenda presented by the government during the third round of peace talks could not even address the basic problems of the country, but conspired to strengthen the feudal regression which came into being after October 4, 2002. The concept paper could not address even the demands of parliamentarian parties who believe on multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy."

"Their political agenda ended the rationale of peace talks on the very moment when they asked us to surrender our weapons. We rejected the proposal totally and made it clear the fourth round of talks will be held only if the establishment brings a new proposal of going for constituent assembly."

"At the same time, the royal army massacred 17 non-armed cadres and two civilians in Ramechhap. In particular, the concept paper presented in the third round of peace talks by the old regime and massacre of 19 by the royal army in Ramechhap are the main reasons for the ceasefire break. It is the immoral and paradoxical attitude of the old regime to say that they are still committed for talks."

"Everybody knows our party is fighting for a people's republic state. We "adjourned" the republic state demand for the time being and came to talks table to fulfill the people's desire for peace, with the demand of constituent assembly."

"But unfortunately, the old regime is not ready to go for a constituent assembly." "Hence the government's double standard has ended possibility for a forward-looking political outlet. With this, we want to make it clear that the rationale for ceasefire, code of conduct and talks process is now over for the time being."

"But we still express our commitment for regular interaction with all well wishers to make our relations strong. We will not close the door for talks from our side. We can again sit for talks if people's sovereign right and their basic welfare are guaranteed."

"We urge all to help create such conducive environment for talks," Prachanda said in the statement. (Maoist statement in Nepali) nepalnews.com mr Aug 27

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