Kala Patar

0 klick grosse  photos Trekking in Nepal- The Everest Trek: For many going to Gorakshep and the Kala Patar is their final goal of the Everest trek. From her one is very close to Everest . On this page you find many pictures and some information of Everest, Kala Patar , Pumo Ri and Gorakshep.

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Going from Lobuche to Gorakshep

13  kala pattar Pumo ri blick pockhalde P 0300The big Khumbu glacier makes a little bending just under the fabulous Puno Ri, which you can see on the left side in this photo. Just below the icy mountain there is a dark and brown slope. This is Kala Patar!

This picture was taken from Pokhalde ner the Kongma la .




21  Pumo Ri P 030022  Gorakshep P 0300

Long befor you reach Gorakshep you will see Pumo Ri. AFter crossing a side glacier an hiking up some stony hill you will see Gorakshep on the side of a former and now dry lake.

Panorama Gorakshep Pumorie Kala PatarP 0600
Panorama of Gorakshep Tal Photo XXL

On can see the two different paths leading up to Kala Patar. Kale means black so Kala Patar ist just black hill.

28 Goprakshep pumo RiP 0300 Gorakshep is the last place with lodges before EBC. There are three lodges and two of them have even a little glasshouse

EBC is a day hike from here






29 gorakshep GlashausP 030030 Gorakshep Lodge insideP 0300


The Kala Patar 5545 m

From Gorakshep to paths lead up. Even when it is not really step it’s pretty hard as you ar above 500 m! The Summit of Kala Patar is just a bigger rock in a ridge starting from the slope and going to the real ridge of Pumo Ri. but dear, one has a fantastic view from here. The Everest and Nuptse a just on the other side of the valley.

03 Everest pumo ri kala pattarP 030002 Everest  pumo ri kala pattarP 0300

left photo: see the rocky ridge with a little rock Summit in between . Right photo: going up in direktion of the rocky Summit.

11  kala pattar gipfel P 0300 10  kala pattar Bachan P 0300

Wehn you will finally climb up their rock you really feel to be a summiter and I nearly don’t dare to look down the step rock wall.

12  kala pattar flags P 0300 04 Everest  pumo ri kala pattarP 0300


14  kala pattar P 0300

And that’s the view of Kala Patar from behind

It is definitively a Summit!!!












07  kala pattar hund P 0300 in 2004 this little dog just went up to take a sun bath.

But I guess he had made the experience that this is the best place to get little cakes.







View of Everest Nuptse Nuptse

Panorama Everest Nuptse 01P 0600

Panorama Everest and Nuptse seen from Kala Patar Photo XXL 

Nuptse looks even more spectacular then Everest who is a little bid hidden behind his Western shoulder. In the turn of the big Khumbu glacier lies Everest Base Camp EBC.

 01 Everest 01 P 030009 Everest  nuptse south col camera P 0300


06 Everest  nuptse south col P 0300

05 Everest groß P 0300

The Summit of Everest Notice the yellow cap made from marine sediments with fossils in it!






Panorama Everest Nuptse 02 großP 0600
from left to right: Khumbu Tse, Everest western shoulder, Everest and Nuptse PhotoXXL

Panorama Gorakshep South Ama DablamP 0600

Panoramic view from  Kala Patar to the south: left part: Ama Dablam, middle: Kantaiga and Tramserku, right part: Taboche. The enormous Khumbu Glacier is full of stones an rumble. Bild XXL

When should you climb Kala Patar?

Many People get up in middle of the night to get to the top a sunrise. This makes no sense. The kala Patar is situated North of the Everest massif so you will not see much of the sunrise, at least no red morning light. The North side of Everest and Nuptse will look pale and without any contrast against a silver grey sky. Much better is to go up in the afternoon an watch the sunset. The afternoon light will come from the right side and illuminate the Summit of this awesome mountains.

Sunset at Kala Patar

15 Everest nuptse sunsetP 030016  everest nuptse sunset P 0300

17 Everest nuptse sunset P 030018  everest nuptsesunset P 0300



31 nuptse schneeriefenP 0300 The warm light of afternoon and evening.

Be sure to have warm clothes with you, it’s getting freezing cold up on Kala Patar.

If oyu want to see the sunset you must bring a torch as you will have to walk the last hour in the dark.



Sunset Nuptse

23  nuptse sunset P 030024  nuptse sunset P 0300

Sunset Everest

25   everrest sunset P 030035  everest sunset night P0300 b

Sunset panoramic view Everest and Nuptse (click in the upper right corner for XXL Photos)

Everest nuptse 1 sunset  Panorama P 0650

Everest nuptse 2 sunset  Panorama P 0650

Everest nuptse 3 sunset  Panorama P 0650

Everest nuptse 4 sunset  Panorama P 0650

Everest nuptse 5 sunset  Panorama P 0650

Everest nuptse 6 sunset  Panorama P 0650



33  gorakshep yak P 030034  gorakshep yak P 0300

During the summer, yaks will come to Gorakshep for pasture. but during the trekking and climbing season caravans of yaks will bring goods up to her. Many Sherpa familys have some Yaks and earn some money with this transports.


27  gorakshep 3 yaks P 030020  gorakshep yaks P 0300


NP04-P LobucheYaks P0600

N04-0397 onkel P 400
The uncle of on of the lodge owners

And what is the better place Kala Patar or Gokyo Ri?

To be honest both place rival in their spectacular views. From Kala Patar you are very close to Everest and Nuptse, but from Gokyo Ri you can admire the northern side of Everest not seen from Kala Patar in a marvellous Himalayan panorama.

Trekkers who have been on both places prefer them exactly fifty-fifty so no help from this side. so no one can predict which of the places you would prefer

So there is just one possible clue: Visit Kala Patar and Gokyo Ri! You can cross from one to the other over the beautiful Cho La. This ads an extra wonderful experience!


06 Everest  nuptse south col P 0300Gokyo 05 view everestP 0300

Everest from Kala Patar            Everest seen from Gokyo Ri


32 gorakshep BirdP 0300

And suddently we saw in March tis little bird


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